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BENGIO SOCKS Thermoregulating and sanitizing effect Feautures: HYGIENIZING Silver is able to eliminate a wide spectrum of microbes by acting on the cell wall of microorganisms. It helps in the reduction of odors caused by some microbes.   ANTISTATIC Its special conductive fibers absorb and disperse electrical charges accumulated from the external environment or during physical activity.   THERMOREGULATOR Silver…


T-Shirt 100% organic cotton


Starting from the ensured success of BUMPER and following the changes in the karting scenario, today BENGIO technology evolves towards the new AB7 RIB PROTECTOR, the first rib protector of BENGIO family homologated under FIA standard 8870-2018.   AB7 RIB PROTECTOR represents the edge of this evolution through the combination of: TOTAL BODY SAFETY The ordinary lateral protection is integrated…

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