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  • Bumper Carbon

    Bumper Carbon

    After years of development we finally introduced the best BUMPER yet. BUMPER CARBON sets a new standard for safety and …Read More »
  • Bumper Standard

    Bumper Standard

    Handcrafted rib protector made with high quality materials, essential ergonomic design fully adjustable with the new velcro closure that allows …Read More »
  • Bumper Lady

    Bumper Lady

    The shape of the side protections gives optimum comfort to the female driver maintaning the same high protection standards. BUMPER …Read More »
  • Bumper Plus+

    Bumper Plus+

    Bumper plus is designed to give more comfort and safety to ther spinal column and less stress to the neck.  …Read More »
  • Kart Pads

    Kart Pads

    Ergonomic pads made with high shock-absorbency foam. The pads have two different foam thickness with high quality back self adhesive …Read More »
  • Kart Pants

    Kart Pants

    Skilled to protect: low back area femoral area iliac crest Kart Pants help to absorb the shocks creating a buffer …Read More »

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