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Who we are


We started from the paddock


and we are still there helping karting drivers

to get the best performance

by improving their safety.

Bumper System

 is the result of years of this experience.

Everything started more than 15 years ago when Alessandro Begnozzi, a promising Kart driver, suffered a serious chest injury in an ordinary race accident which almost forced him to quit racing. After realizing the inadequacy of ordinary ribprotectors, his father Stefano decided to project a new product combining an ergonomic design and higher safety standards. He spent more than one year to develop the ultimate jacket involving the five times world champion Danilo Rossi and the whole DR Racing Team for continuous tests and improvements.


That’s how our flagship product was born BUMPER 
the very first rigid shell rib protector
certainly the most imitated.


The formula of our sucess is not a secret:

  • Identify the problem
  • Scientific study of the project
  • Long phase of testing
  • Craft Realization



Your Bumper



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