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Bumper Carbon Kevlar

Handcrafted side protector made with COMPOSITE OF FIBERGLASS AND CARBON-KEVLAR FIBER COMPOUND SHELL NEW INTERNAL LINING WITH SPECIAL SHOCK ABSORBING FOAM UPDATED DESIGN BACK RACE SUIT-SAVER PROFILES New ergonomic design fully adjustable with double ring fastener and high performance velcro straps. The strongest Bumper we have ever developed. BUMPER CARBON KEVLAR is designed for the maximum grade of protection, made with the…

Bumper Integral

Sistema di protezione integrale del torace. Garantisce massima sicurezza grazie alle protezioni laterali, della schiena e grazie all’accessorio Chest-pro anche frontali Paracostole realizzato a mano con materiali di altà qualità, protezione schienale estesa, totalmente regolabile con passanti a doppio anello e chiusure in velcro ad alta performance. Bumper integral è particolarmente indicato per i junior drivers. CONCHIGLIA: Uno triplo strato…

Bumper Rugged

Designed for the heavy duty work. Made for Indoor tracks and RENTAL RACING. Handcrafted tough side protector made with reinforced frame and grippy rubber finishing. Bumper Rugged can also be worn outside the race suit. SHIELD: A triple layer of fibreglass design with an anti-splintering system guarantees high resilience and absorb high levels of stress in low frequency. Covered with special…

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