Bumper Lady

The shape of the side protections gives optimum comfort to the female driver maintaning the same high protection standards.

Bumper lady is available with standard and plus back shield.
Handcrafted side protector made with high quality materials, essential ergonomic design fully adjustable with double ring fastener and high performance velcro straps.

SHIELD: A triple layer of fibreglass design with an anti-splintering system guarantees high resilience and absorb high levels of stress in low frequency.

PADDING: The closed cell foam 8mm thick, 100 kg/mc density, gives comfort and protects the driver from vibrations in high frequency.

BACK SHIELD: Internal framework in Textontm480 / Back covered with a soft perforated fabric / Padding in a 5mm. closed cell foam.

 Sizes and features







ERGONOMICS:  We handcraft our products so we can realize the chest protector that fit perfect on you.

CUSTOMIZATION: We can customize our product to make your very personal Bumper.


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