We work hard everyday to offer the best quality to our customers and graphics is an important part of it.

We have done a lot of Tests because graphic design has to look good and last.
The critical aspect of graphics is that it has resist to different kinds of mechanical stress: bumps, compressions, extensions, rubbings.

To grant you the best results possible in term of look and loyability we have choosen the most efficient method of all: Screen printing or Serigraphy.

Every single Bumper comes with high quality film stickers supplied by our appreciated partners that will make your Bumper look great forever. 

The problem with such a great technique is that  you can’t print just one sticker on demand, and so it is very difficult for us to satisfy a graphic customization for just one Bumper.

By the way if you know some alternative solution for High Quality film printing TELL US we are an open company and we like to share ideas and work with nice people. [iphorm_popup id=2 name=”CONTACT”]Contact us[/iphorm_popup]